What Happens During The Plasma Cutting Process?

January 11, 2016

The plasma cutting process is an important process used in many applications. Without it, many industries would be unable to achieve successful and efficient operations. The process is rather complex, but simplified for the user thanks to incredible technology that streamlines the cutting process like never before.

Plasma cutting is a thermal process using ionised gas beams to heat an electrically conductive metal until it reaches its melting point. At this point, the molten metal is flushed through the kerf of the cut. This produces the electrical arc between the work piece (positive potential) and the electrode (negative potential). It is then cut by an ionising beam of pressurised gas at a temperature ranging between 7,780C to 144,400C.

The ionised gas, or the plasma, is then constricted and focused through a nozzle. This goes on to produce a dense plasma arc responsible for melting and severing numerous types of metal. This is the main principle and process for both mechanised and manual plasma cutting systems throughout the world.

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