Weighing the Benefits of Investing in Plasma Cutting Table Technology

August 17, 2016

Plasma cutting tables are fast becoming a rapidly growing alternative to oxy-fuel metal cutting technology, used for cutting mild steel. The rapid evolution of plasma technology continues to build on its fundamental advantages, making it an easier decision for companies to invest in this great technologies.

State of the art breakthroughs in plasma cutting technologies deliver faster cuts with even greater quality. What’s more, plasma is also able to cut many different types of metal, including dirty, rusted and painted metal. These are only a few of the many reasons why more and more companies choose to invest in the very latest and most cutting edge plasma cutting tables.

At CNC Dynamix, we work hard to provide our clients with the services they need. We are an entirely solutions-oriented leader in the supply of plasma cutting tables, and draw on a seven-year legacy that has been integrated with a continuous and systematic R&D strategy. This has helped us to arrive at the very best cutting solutions available in South Africa today.

Matching Global Standards of Excellence
We are also proud of being able to match global standards, as evidenced by our OEM partnership with multinational Hypertherm in 2013. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to grow into one of the go-to suppliers in South Africa for technical and quality advantages. Our company is also proud to supply only the very best quality products to our valued clients.

Whether you are looking for small precision parts, or pipelines and steel superstructures to gouging out of welds, stainless steel or aluminium, we are your number one choice. Tap into our unmatched resources and our many years’ experience to access only the best quality plasma table cutting solutions available on the market today.