Taking A Look At The Modern CNC Plasma Cutting Tables Cutting Process

July 07, 2017

The workshop in which CNC plasma cutting tables are used needs to be functional and supportive of this cutting edge technology. In fact, the usable size of work area continues to be one of its most important specifications. CNC Dynamix remain at the forefront of plasma cutting table innovation in our industry. Our team brings expertise to the sector, making it possible for us to completely customise table sizes to suit our valued clients’ workshop spaces, as well as the size of manufactured items, and workpiece accessibility.

Should the need arise, however, there is also our standard line of CNC plasma cutting tables available. The standard solutions are available as, throughout the years, we’ve learned it matches most of our clients’ specifications and requirements. However, we can still customise your cutting tables according to your needs.

We’ve developed specific and standard sizes of cutting tables, with dimensions including the following:

• XP6225: 6200mm x 2500mm, 15.5m2;
• XP4020: 4000mm x 2000mm, 8.0m2; and
• XP3050: 3000mm x 1500mm usable size, 4.5m2.

You Now Have Access To The Best CNC Plasma Cutting Tables Available in South Africa

Rest assured that we only use the finest quality raw materials in our products, design our workable areas through extensive development and research programs, and deliver solutions that are workplace friendly with incredible manoeuvrability. Through this, we are able to mount torches on easily-manipulated gantries, producing unmatched accuracy at high speeds. Our firm also remains committed to providing our clients with only the very best value for money.

We do this through using our vast buying power to keep rates as competitively as possible, making sure you never have to pay more for your CNC plasma cutting tables than necessary. Contact us right now to find out more about our company, and for all the expertise needed to make an informed business. We look forward to helping your business stand out from the crowd, and providing you that competitive edge needed to remain at the forefront of your sector today.