South African Plasma Cutting Table Suppliers

January 25, 2017

CNC Dynamix are premium plasma cutting table suppliers for manufacturers all over South Africa.
We take pride that our plasma cutting tables are a cut above the rest, no pun intended, and our clients can enjoy our superior quality cutting tables for many years to come.
As plasma cutting table suppliers, we often get asked exactly how these plasma cutting tables work – this blog post serves to clarify that.

How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

The technology of plasma cutting is extremely interesting and is something that almost defies science as we know it. It has also improved a wide range of industrial products. Here is some more detailed information about how plasma cutting works.

By sending electricity through a gas and compressing all of this through a constricted opening, temperatures get elevated to the point that it enters a fourth state of matter. Most of us as familiar with the three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. But through this process of heating, we can enter into a fourth – plasma. The small opening through which this super-hot gas enters, causes it to pass through at a very high speed – this high speed combined with extreme heat is what allows a plasma cutting table to cut through metals as easily as it does.

As South Africa’s premium plasma cutting suppliers, we also supply CNC plasma cutters. These computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutters allow for shapes to be produced automatically, controlled by high-tech computer systems. CNC plasma cutters allow for very intricate designs to be cut – making the metal cutting process easier and more precise.

Our plasma cutting tables are very competitively prices when compared to other suppliers, but the quality of the product is far superior. With the stresses that comes with extreme heat on parts of these machines, you’re better off spending money on a machine that will last longer, with less maintenance needed.