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The CNC Dynamix product range includes:

CNC plasma cutting tables:

choice of three, from usable size of 3100mm x 1600mm to 6200 x 2600mm
Importantly, custom sizes are available on request

Hypertherm Power Sources

– Constant current DC, open circuit voltage 240 to 400 VDC.

CNC Controllers

– For automatic torch height control, stepper motor drives.
– Includes standalone monitor display.

Consumables and Spares

– Original Hypertherm products including torches, electrodes, nozzles and shields available singly and in kits.


– Laser alignment unit for accurate alignment of material and of torch-to-workpiece targeting.
– Full function wireless remote – for distance control of CNC cutting, well worth the safety benefits.


– SigmaNest and Sheetcam CAM, Mach3 CNC control software supplier.

In addition, we offer full-service support in terms of parts, mechanical/supports and product warrantees for customer capital purchases peace-of mind. In-house training is included in an equipment purchase package, with periodic technical product knowledge follow-ups thereafter.

CNC Dynamix CNC machinery does not feature aluminium profiles on the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ axes and are completely welded assemblies with the exception of the larger machine, which is constructed semi-knockdown for ease of transport and relocation making the CNC Dynamix/Hypertherm partnership the premiere plasma cutting table suppliers in South Africa.