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Fundementals to the plasma cutting process

Fundemental to the plasma cutting process is the workspace environment – the plasma cutting table, of which the usable size or work area is the critical specification. CNC Dynamix is at the forefront of plasma cutting table suppliers and we are flexible enough to customise table sizes to suit workshop space, workpiece accessibility or size of manufactured item.

However, the standard range features three optimal sizes which have over the years been found to match the vast majority of end-user needs. These are:

Model Usable Size (WxD) M2
XP3015 3000mm x 1500mm 4.5m2
XP4020 4000mm x 2000mm 8.0m2
XP6225 6200mm x 2500mm 15.5m2

Close attention has been paid to materials used to obviate metal fatigue at high-use points, for example, at the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axes contact areas.

Design of the workable area has also been a facet of CNC Dynamix’s research-&-development programme, in the search for optimal workpiece access and manoeuvrability. Thus, torches are mounted on easily-manipulatable gantries produces amazingly accurate results at high speeds.