Occupational Hazards of Plasma Cutting and their Solutions

July 11, 2016

Outfitting your workshop with a plasma cutting table and a quality plasma cutter immensely useful, it is important, however, to remember that process is complex and be hazardous when operated incorrectly. This is why it is important to always equip yourself with the necessary protective gear and guarding yourself against fumes being produced during the process of plasma cutting on a plasma cutting table.

Hazards Faced
One of the greatest hazards faced by people during the plasma cutting process is that of the fumes and gases produced. The type of fume is dependent on the type of material being cut and their coatings. The problem arises when the plasma cutting takes place in an area with insufficient ventilation which puts the worker at risk of asphyxiation (depending on the type of gas being produced) it is for this reason you may want to utilize a fume extractor and avoid working in a confined space. You might also want to make use of protective breathing or respiratory apparatus, which has been designed with this specific activity in mind. If you do choose to make use of these measures, be sure that you clearly understand how to operate them.

Centrally we would like to highlight the fact that plasma cutting, when executed properly, can be an extremely rewarding activity but displaying caution and following all the necessary safety procedures is wise.