How Plasma Cutting Table Technology Revolutionises Manufacturing

July 18, 2018

Harness the Benefits and of Plasma Cutting Table Technology

Plasma cutting continues to revolutionise many different industries. This technology has helped to virtually eliminate human error from the production process, helping companies save money on raw materials, and on time. Plasma cutting tables form part of this incredible technology, and when wielded properly can be an asset to any business.

There are many advantages to using plasma cutting tables in the production process. This includes the cutting speed at which the plasma cutter is able to operate. In fact, it is upwards of five times faster than a conventional manual torch, and can cut up to 500 inches per minute. The plasma cutter is also able to make incredibly precise cuts in various metals, and of varying thickness.

What Sectors Are Benefitting from Plasma Cutting Table Technology?

Some of the many industries that have already benefitted from this technology include the vehicle manufacturing sectors, engineering, steel structures, general machinery and nuclear sectors, among many others. These are only a few of the sectors that continue to benefit from this technology daily.

Plasma cutting tables also bring the advantage of having a 3-25mm metal plate, which makes the plasma cutting speed even higher. When cutting a carbon steel sheet of 3mm, the cutting speed is reduced to 10m per minute. However, that’s not all, the cutting quality achieved is also fantastic, which just adds to its appeal.

Source Quality Plasma Cutting Tables from CNC Dynamix

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