Cutting Edge Plasma Cutting Tables Make Precision Cut Control More Accessible

March 22, 2017

At one point in time, CNC plasma cutting tables were only available to large and high-volume industrial manufacturers able to afford the steep price tag. Thankfully, rapid advances in technology have made the advantages of these plasma cutting tables far more accessible and affordable to a wider audience of industries. Some essential elements to consider when choosing your CNC plasma cutting system include the CNC control itself, the mechanical components and its fume management system.

Plasma cutting tables’ system elements include the moving components such as the torch, gantry, Z-axis and carriage, among others. These components are charged with doing the actual physical work required to produce the desired parts. It is the CNC control that directs the motion control system, converting the cutting program into electrical signals as it directs the direction and speed of the machine. It is also this control that dictates the height control and operation of other peripherals.

CNC Dynamix Brings Plasma Cutting Tables Technology to South Africa

Following years of research and development, we brought our first CNC plasma cutting table to the South African marketplace in 2009. Since then, we’ve been filling a niche industry demand, and we are proud to say that, years later, we are still experiencing phenomenal growth. Our specialised product is fully rounded, and also includes the CNC control unit technology. This technology is manufactured, assembled and engineered in South Africa.

Why are we the perfect choice for all your plasma cutting table needs? Our products are competitively priced when compared with lesser-quality opposition. We also provide comprehensive operational training in machine use, and CNC G-codes for customers, as well as remote follow-up support.

Enjoy access to quick and easy parts availability, as well as a complete inventory maintained at all times. These are only a few of the many reasons why we are your first choice for exceptional quality and cutting edge CNC cutting table solutions in South Africa. Speak to us today to learn more about our state of the art solutions, and how it can benefit your business.