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Hypertherm Suppliers South Africa

Hypertherm Suppliers South Africa

As Hypertherm suppliers South Africa is fortunate to have CNC Dynamix bringing to market a complete range of consumables and spares sufficient to service any defect or breakdown as it occurs.

In a manufacturing process where exactness and safety are so paramount, there can be little debate about using quality original replacement parts and consumable materials.

Hypertherm torches, electrodes, nozzles and shields are available in singles and in kits. These are all at the core of the cutting process, withstanding immense, sometimes variable, heats and speeds. In such an operating environment, it is unwise to “take chances” with low quality clone parts and materials.

It is CNC Dynamix’s stated objective to make constantly available a full offering of readily obtainable premium performance, genuine consumables for your Hypertherm plasma systems.