Choosing Between Plasma, Laser and Waterjet Processes

May 10, 2016

When it comes to choosing CNC machinery, there are various options. Each option holds its own unique appeal, and the application and requirements of the user will greatly impact which option works better. When it comes to choosing between plasma, laser and waterjet processes, some of the things that will impact its value to the user include the cost of purchasing the machine, the operating cost and its cut quality and cut part precision, as well as the production rate.

Regarding the initial investment for your CNC machinery and equipment, the plasma cutter will be the lowest cost. This depends on the type, size and its features, but the CNC plasma cutting machine can help you benefit from this technology when you are on a budget. With regards to operating cost, take into account routine maintenance costs, consumables, electricity and power sources, and plasma again performs best.

Production Rate of CNC Machinery
No discussion is complete without discussing production rates as your total cost per machine or equipment is determined by the cost per hour that the machine runs, and the parts it can produce. Production rate is often judged by comparing cutting speed, and again it depends on your needs.

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