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CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

In order to customise your fabricating output, plasma cutting machines can be complemented with the use of process facilitators such as:
Laser alignment units

These units make for accurate alignment of material and of torch-to-workpiece targeting. This is done with the use of a low power alignment beam, the most effective way to line up, particularly if your cutting a variety of workpieces for the same cut. The units provide point and beam guidance and a renowned increase in accuracy of cutting. On the other hand, as size increases, accuracy decreases because tolerances are harder to hold on larger parts. Alignment of parts in a large assembly is also more difficult and complex and it is here that CNC Dynamix’s alignment units perform a critical and valuable service in terms of manufacturing efficiencies

Full function wireless remotes

CNC Dynamix’s remote controls activate the torch precisely to the edge of a sheet, pause a cut in progress or cut up a sheet freehand. This places full control of your machine in the palm of your hands, without any cable hazard. With a wireless remote control you can control cutting from a 10-metre radius around the plasma cutting table. It is also independent of the console software workstation.