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CNC Dynamix: The leading Plasma Cutting Table Suppliers

Following two years of research and development, CNC Dynamix brought its computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutting table offering to the South African market in 2009. This has allowed us to fill a niche in a demanding industry. We are proud to be here, years later, still going from strength to strength.

Our specialised product is fully rounded, including the CNC control unit technology. Our technology is engineered, manufactured and assembled in South Africa.

This has three distinct advantages for end-users:

Products are competitively-priced against lesser-quality opposition. We provide comprehensive operational training in machine use and CNC and G-codes for customers as well as remote follow-up support.

Quick and easy parts availability: a complete inventory is maintained at all times

Satisfaction of the strenuous demands of the Company’s local content ethos which includes a meaningful loyalty in the form of material contribution to local economies, end-users and suppliers.

Company Principles

Our company ethos or “corporate culture” also embraces a Company-wide passion for high-quality, fit-for-purpose functionality out of robust, durable equipment. As such, CNC Dynamix measures up confidently against global manufacturing and service standards.

CNC Dynamix plasma cutting table suppliers

CNC Dynamix’s mission is to serve the infrastructural and manufacturing objectives of the various fabricators and end-users that we service to the very best of our ability. We provide technically-excellent products, timeous effective maintenance and service backup to the industry sectors in which we operate. Our dedication to excellence in both supply and customer service means that the results of our work keep our clients coming back time and again. Client satisfaction leads to client retention, the backbone required for any company to survive in a dog-eat-dog world!

Whatever your requirements, whatever your industry sector, wherever you’re situated, we have a solution that meets your fit.