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Every CNC Dynamix employee is entirely solutions-orientated. We draw on a 7-year legacy integrated with a continuous, systematic R&D strategy to arrive at the very best cutting solutions in the industry.

We match global standards, evident by our OEM partnership with multinational Hypertherm in 2013. This partnership allows us to be the go-to suppliers in South Africa of technical and quality advantages. We are proud to supply only the highest quality products onto our customers.

From small precision parts to pipelines and steel superstructure to gouging out of welds, mild or stainless steel or aluminium, you are assured of a world-class solution at CNC Dynamix.


Vision Statement: CNC Dynamix plasma cutting table suppliers

Within five years, CNC Dynamix will be rated as the top-level CNC plasma cutting resource in the sub-Saharan African region. This is achieved by consistently providing a combination of high quality specialist solutions and incomparable service. Our solutions pay tribute to Africa’s construction environment, increasing revenues to exceed US$25m and, in so doing, enriching the communities in which it operates via skills transfer and economic support.

Best-practice operations and cutting-edge technology, that is the CNC Dynamix difference.


What is Plasma Cutting?

In essence, the plasma cutting process occurs when pressurised gas, nitrogen, argon, or oxygen, is impelled through a small channel in an outlet, in the centre of which is an electrode that is negatively-charged.

When the electrode is powered up and the tip of the outlet is applied to a metal material, a circuit (or arc) is caused. This circuit generates a powerful spark at the point of contact.

As the inert gas passes through the channel, the spark heats the gas until it converts to what is essentially a fourth state of matter. This is known as plasma which, in itself, is electrically-conductive.

This process creates a stream of directed plasma, which melts metal in a very disciplined and controlled fashion. This is called a plasma cut.

In order to ensure a continuous cutting process, to protect the cut from oxidation and to regulate the unpredictable properties of plasma, the cutter nozzle has a second set of channels. These channels release a constant flow of shielding gas around the cutting area. The pressure of this gas flow effectively controls the radius of the plasma beam.

It follows, then, that this metal-cutting process requires high quality, robust and technically precise plasma cutting machines to harness the incredible temperatures and power it necessitates – and still arrive at an infinitesimally accurate end-product.

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